SDB Viewer

The Song Database (SDB) is a program to show lyrics on a digital projector for worship in a congregation. It is available for free on all major platforms, see here for more information.

This app can display the data produced and managed by Song Database if the file is accessible via URL (web address). This app cannot be used for anything else, so if you don’t use Song Database, this app isn’t meant for you!

If you don’t want to upload the file containing the songs every time you modify it, you could set up a synchronisation solution like Nextcloud (see for more information) and use the “share link” functionality – the resulting link has to be used in the app.

Important note: The app definitely won’t send your personal data anywhere. See the privacy policy to learn why the app needs the permission it asks for.

You can track the past development by looking at the version history.

Links to binary distribution points:

And finally, some technical stuff (which is only interesting if you are a developer, I suppose):