Album Creator

This utility allows to create compilations of music tracks. Maybe you used to put all of your music files into one single directory, and now you want to have individual album directories – but the ID3 information was lost? You’ll have to do it manually!

Using AlbumCreator, it’s easy – just select tracks one after the other, and the program will create a script for you or move the files at the click of a button.

Each track will get a prefix with the track number, but apart from that retain the file name it had originally. If a file already exists, it will not be overwritten but the program will stop right there.

How to do it?

There’s not much to do wrong – first select source and target directory using the buttons at the top. Then double-click on tracks on the left (source) list to add them to the right (target) list. When you’re done, choose if you want to create a script (which will appear inside the logging area below the buttons so you can copy it) or move the files directly and click the appropriate button at the bottom.

If you want to remove a track from the right list, double-click on it, and the other tracks will be renumbered accordingly.

Gettings started

  • you’ll need some music files, obviously – currently MP3 and FLAC are supported
  • get the Java Runtime Environment in version 8 or newer, e.g. use this free one
  • download the lastest release and unpack it
  • start it using the script contained in the “bin” directory or with java -jar albumcreator.jar