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Song Database

The Song Database is a program to show lyrics on a digital projector for worship in a congregation. You can expect the following features:

  • the program runs on nearly all systems because it is a Java application
  • Dual Head (which means two graphic cards are required, or one with two outputs); this enables the user to have one control monitor to display the database and the presentation control while the seperate projection screen shows only the text the congregation has to see - no confusion, very professional
  • show/hide the song title on foils
  • guitar chords can be included in the database, but will not be shown when presenting songs - they are useful when printing song sheets for the band
  • english user interface
  • fonts and colors are customizable
  • you can add remarks to every song
  • find songs easily - just type the first few characters of title or first line
  • show the song beginnings in the song list (additionally to the song title) - you can find songs faster in spontaneous worship sessions
  • filter on title or text parts
So why should you use it?
  • the user interface is clean and intuitive
  • you can configure two separate presentation screens: one for the congregation (only text) and one for the band (text and chords) - hint: you need three graphics outputs to implement this setting
  • database format is not binary, but XML - you can easily modify it by hand, synchronize it using any cloud service or put it into a Git or Subversion repository (producing nice diffs)
  • the days on which a song is presented are counted (in a separate statistics file)

The program has evolved through more than 10 years at my church. If you find a bug or a missing feature, please go and fix it, or file an issue here or at least drop me a line!

License: GPL