This is a specialized version of JMultiburn, a tool by David Stark, which is capable of burning multiple CDs in parallel on a single computer. His tool can burn nearly anything (single audio file, directory of audio files…) but has a suboptimal interface if you want to do some jobs in a row. Plus you have to choose the directory anew every time you load a different file which can be tiring if you have a deep directory structure…

This version is cut down to the one thing I use of the software: burning single MP3 files to audio CDs. My MP3 files have a “good” name which carries much information, so I gave the software a more pleasant interface.
My files are named like this: yyyy-mm-dd-event_name[-additional_info]-(24|48)kbps.mp3 – for example a sermon could have the name “2006-02-26-Morning_Service-48kbps.mp3” or “2006-02-26-Morning_Service-Peter_Will-48kbps.mp3”. (Underscore is translated to space.)

You can obtain the source code from here and binary packages from here.