SDB Viewer – Privacy Policy

Your personal data will not be sent anywhere by the app. In more detail, the app uses these permissions:


  • The app loads data from the URL you supply. This is essential for the app to work and cannot be switched off other than supplying no URL at all. If you do this, the app won’t be useful because it won’t display anything.
  • In some rare cases, the app might crash. To fix these crashes if they occur, it is critical for me as developer to receive reports about them, so the app will offer you to send some information about the problem. Any data received via these reports will kept strictly confidential and only used to identify the problem. As this is an open source project, you can verify this very easily, just look at the code! Please note, if you don’t like the app to send a report, you may just tap “no” when asked to send – the app will continue to work without it, but perhaps the bug might not get fixed.


  • It’s possible to update the settings of the app via a QR code. It you don’t use this feature, the app won’t even ask for the CAMERA permission.