You have come across the ZephyrSoft home page. Here you can download some tools I developed over the years and also actively take part in further development. I wrote these programs because there was no free solution, at least no satisfactory one. Some were created especially for Koinonia Fellowship in Hannover, Germany.

Mathis Dirksen-Thedens

And just in case you wondered what “Zephyr” stands for: it’s Latin and means “westerly winds”. I chose it as my code name (or brand name) long ago.

Latest blog posts

  • Nextcloud News: filter feed entries
    After switching from Tiny Tiny RSS to Nextcloud News there was no possibility to filter items from my “unread” feed. But there is an API, so a quick Python script … Read more
  • Nextcloud client updates
    On Debian systems, I normally use the AppImage package of the Nextcloud client. But unlike native packages, updating it is cumbersome: download the new binary from Nextcloud’s web site, move … Read more
  • Isolated Guest Network with a Raspberry Pi
    Recently I was unsatisfied with the possibilities my FritzBox router gave me concerning the guest network. At first glance, all was fine – the box allowed me to set one … Read more
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