FHEM Client

FHEM is a server for house automation (a.k.a. “smart home”). If you want a very simple client for your FHEM installation which reads some values and outputs them in a formatted way, this is for you. Basically this is how it works:

  1. Get the software from here and extract it.
  2. Copy config-template.ini to config.ini and edit it so it contains your FHEM login data, the requests you want the script to make and the formatted output containing the values.
  3. Start main.py with at least Python 3.2 installed.


When using the formatted output from config-template.ini, this is what the script could print (given FHEM has the configured devices and parameters):

Temperature: 23.5 °C
Humidity: 47 %

Notes regarding the output configured in config.ini

  • If you want a single percent sign (%), you have to write a double percent sign (%%).
  • If you want multiline output, you have to indent the second to the last line by 4 spaces each.


You can find the code here.