Nextcloud client updates

On Debian systems, I normally use the AppImage package of the Nextcloud client. But unlike native packages, updating it is cumbersome: download the new binary from Nextcloud’s web site, move it to the destination directory and update the symlink (which I use on startup). And sometimes the Nextcloud client announces an update which isn’t even… Read more Nextcloud client updates

Heavy (Log) Rotation

Sometimes I am at the point where there’s too much log output, but I don’t want to send everything to /dev/null because of some rare bug. The easiest way I know to retain some fixed amount of logs is to use rotatelogs from Apache HTTPD – e.g. in the following fashion:

JMX and firewalls

You just deployed your Java web application to production and everything is working – great! And as you always follow best practices, you included some meaningful metrics via JMX beans. You tested them locally and in test stage. But production servers have an extra firewall which prevents you from accessing any port except your web… Read more JMX and firewalls