SDB Viewer – Version History

Here you can get information about what changed in which version. If this is not enough for you, feel free to access the Git commits!


  • make it possible to import the app’s settings, including the songs web address, using a QR code
    (details on how to create such a QR code)
  • mark selected song in list if the app is in two-pane mode (on tablets in landscape orientation)


  • keep the screen on while displaying a song (in detail view)
  • correct handling of lyrics and translation together on one line
  • show song title correctly after rotating the device
  • fix a crash when trying to search while no valid data is present


  • added search box
  • fixed a crash when navigating to the settings on some devices


  • fixed an error in parsing the URL
  • added an about dialog


  • display copyright notice below song (if available)
  • remember scroll position in song list view
  • if no scheme is given in URL, first try http:// and then https:// as prefix
  • after downloading: first try to also parse the songs, then store them locally (on error don’t store them)


  • corrected starter icon


  • first version released to the public