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Track Work Time - FAQ

Some things seem to be a problem regularly, so here are the answers to these questions.

I activated the tracking by location or Wi-Fi but it does not work.

  1. Please make sure you use the latest version of the app. If you don't have the possibility (or don't want) to use the Play Store or F-Droid, read "How do I install the lastest APK from Github" below. Sometimes the app stores also don't contain the latest version yet, the process always takes a few days after the new app is released.
  2. Grant the app all permissions it asks for. On Android 10+ it's especially important to grant the location permission "at all times" (which means also when the app is not shown).

I want to mark some days as holidays or change the target working time for specific days, but I don't know where.

Tap on the date in the table on the main screen. In the following dialog you can do that, and also delete your changes using the recycle bin icon if you want to.

What do the options "Ignore before events" and "Ignore after events" mean?

If you use one or both automated tracking methods (location and/or Wi-Fi) you can activate these checkboxes to suppress automatically-generated events from these tracking methods before a manually entered event and/or after a (manually or automatically enetered) event.

For example, if you leave your facility and TWT clocks you out when you leave the Wi-Fi area, but then (on your way to the parking lot) you come across another part where the same Wi-Fi is visible again, TWT will clock you in again (and out when you leave that area). Or you may have manually entered your clock-out event and afterwards TWT wants to clock you in/out again (because of the Wi-Fi on the way to the parking lot). In these cases, the options can prevent TWT from creating the superfluous events.

How do I install the latest APK from Github?

Firstly, the APK files published on Github are identical to the packages you receive from Google Play store. So if you installed TWT through Google Play, you may use an APK from Github without losing compatibility - Google Play will update your app later when a newer version is published. You don't have to install all the following version manually.

So, how to install? It's relatively easy:

  1. Safety first! Create a backup of TWT's data (see "How can I create a backup" below).
  2. On your mobile device, go to the page of the latest release (or an older release if you want) and download the file with its name ending in _release-signed.apk. This is the complete app in one file.
  3. Open the downloaded file, either from your browser's download manager or from a file manager app. This will trigger the installation of the APK.
    • Your Android may require you to allow installation from "unsafe sources" (which only means "another source than the Play store" on Android). Allow that for now, you can safely disable it again after the installation.
  4. Done!

How can I create a backup, maybe for a restore on another device?

Good news first: TWT automatically creates a backup for you once a day. But you can always manually trigger a backup via the menu item "Data Backup".

When you backed up the app's data, there will be a directory named trackworktime on your device's storage with at least two files into it: and backup.targets.csv. Both files together comprise a backup of the app's data.

There may also be another two files like the previous two with the prefix automatic- which are the automatically created backup files mentioned above. Also one or a few log files are saved in the same directory which are only important if there's an error in the app.

You can copy the directory trackworktime onto another device for additional safety - or even have a synchronisation app do it for you in specified intervals. If you use an app which is triggered on every file change, be sure to exclude log.txt from the mechanism - if you don't, it will copy the log file many times a day which is not necessary.

My question is not answered here!

If you don't find what you're looking for in the general description of the app or in this FAQ, you're welcome to drop me a line. My email address is provided here.