Lyrics Presentation Software Comparison

Warning: This page is outdated (it was last updated on June 18th, 2011) and won't receive much care anytime soon. It's left here because it might still be of value, but it's not up to date.

This is an informative comparison regarding the presentation of lyrics in church. The main point here are free programs, the commercial section is cut down to german programs. For more non-free programs see "More Links" below. Most of the compared programs are made for installations with two screens. NVidia names this "DualView" or "TwinView", ATI's name for it is "HydraVision"... The important thing is that you can control two screens separately. Instead of buying a graphics card with two outputs you can add another card to your existing card. Caution: You probably cannot use an AGP card because your first card is likely to use the AGP port already! With utilities that are part of Windows you an set two cards up to work nicely together. If there are questions left, you are invited to ask me.

Free Programs

name and compared version operating system screens language import from export to printing possible remarks
Beamer 0.9 Windows two screens English   TXT   remote controlling over network possible
DreamBeam 0.60 Windows two screens English       sermon notes, Sword Bible interface
ExpoSong 0.7.1 WindowsLinux two screens EnglishGerman OpenSong, CCLI SongSelect   Yes alerts possible
Foil Presenter 3.0.7 WindowsLinuxMacOS two screens German   TXT Yes personal experience: the Linux version crashes often
Live Words 1.4 Windows two screens English TXT   Yes personal experience: crashes sometimes while displaying a song
OpenSong 1.6.2 WindowsLinuxMacOS two screens EnglishGerman CCLI SongSelect HTML Yes alerts possible
OpenLP 1.9.8 WindowsLinuxMacOS two screens EnglishGerman CCLI SongSelect and many other formats      
Quelea 0.5 WindowsLinux two screens English Kingsway Online Library, Survivor Songbooks, Source Songbooks   Yes alerts possible, handles guitar chords and can print them on song sheets, also supports a third screen (stage view)
Song Database 1.19 WindowsLinuxMacOS two screens EnglishGerman RTF PDF Yes can also manage guitar chords and print them on song sheets (but they are not displayed in the presentation)
ZionWorx 2.6.52 Windows two screens English TXT   Yes complicated handling


Commercial Programs


More Links