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Google Maps for Echo2

There are numerous requests in the Echo2 developer forums for an Echo2 component which provides an interactive map using the service of Google Maps.

Such a component is now being created! It's not finished yet, but the source code is already in the CVS at its own SourceForge project. Take a look, and your help is always welcome!

One note before you go and grab the code: This component doesn't run on a stock Echo2 installation. Google Maps requires loading and executing a JS file directly when loading the page, this is not (yet) possible in Echo2. My proposal for adjusting Echo2 to support that generically is available here, or you can checkout the module echo2 (from the repository descibed below) to get the patched Echo2 2.1.0rc2 code. Additionally, there is a testing web application located in the module mapdemo (also from the repository described below).

You can obtain the source code easily via anonymous CVS. If you have a UNIX-like OS, CVS is likely to be already installed. In this case execute the following command in the directory where you want the sources to go to:

cvs -d :pserver:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:/cvsroot/googlemaps-echo checkout -P map

If you are running a different OS, refer to your CVS client's manual and use this login data:

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 2401
  • Protocol: :pserver:
  • Repository Path: /cvsroot/googlemaps-echo
  • Username: anonymous
  • Password: There is no password for anonymous CVS access (just hit the enter key when prompted for one).
  • Module: map

There is an alternative implementation, see the Google Code project "echo2gmap". It realizes the integration of Google Maps via an iframe. The author pointed the project out to me, so I put up a link to it (without testing it previously!) for you to choose the best for your needs.