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Fritz!Box CallMon2

This is a call notifier for use with an AVM Fritz!Box and Freetz, a mod for the original firmware.

There are also binary distributions (Linux and Win32) that require no installed Perl and all modules are included. You only have to provide a GTK2 Runtime.

You have to configure Freetz to use the callmonitor package, build it, install it onto your Fritz!Box and activate it properly. Then go to the web interface (located at normally) and configure the package callmonitor. Activate JFritz and add a listener entry looking like

in:request ^ ^ rawmsg -t "${SOURCE}" computernameorip -p 7777

(substitute computernameorip with your computer's name or IP). If you want more than one computer to receive call notifications, just add more lines with the IPs of the other computers!

Requirements on your computer: If you use the executables, there is only the Gtk2 runtime to install (see README.txt and the "Windows" section below). If you use the perl script, the perl modules Gtk2 and Glib have to be present (on Debian, install the packages libgtk2-perl and libglib-perl). Optionally you may use zenity and gmessage instead of Gtk2 (on Linux or similar only), if you want that, edit the script and set the variable frontend to 'linux'!

Special Requirements on Windows: If you want to run this with ActivePerl on Windows (this is only possible if you want to use the script, not the executable file), you have to add the Gtk2 and Glib modules: Start the Perl Package Manager and type

rep add "Gtk2-Perl"

so ActiveState Perl can find the module. Then type

install Gtk2


install Glib

to install the needed modules. Additionally, you have to install the Gtk2 Runtime, see this page to select the right version.

Now the prerequisites are OK. The script has to run on your computer in the background and to wait there for an incoming call, so you have to start

/path/to/ [phonebookfile] [-areacodes areacodefile]

with your (KDE|Gnome|whatever WM you use) or (on Windows) put a link like this into your Autostart folder and it will pop up a message every time an incoming call is detected.

If you have the number in your phonebook, it will show the name, and if not, it shows the area code, the town name and the number (e.g. 0511 (Hannover) - 1234567) and gives you the possibility to add the number to your phonebook. If you are not in Germany, look at to download other area code files (you may have to edit them to meet the script's expectations, contact me if you have questions).

Please look at the README.txt that is included in each package!

(Perl script 60 kB / Win32 standalone binary 2,3 MB / Linux-ELF standalone binary 2 MB)