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Telmonc Script

This script runs in the background and waits for an incoming call. It is a standalone telmonc, no imonc funktionality is included. Basically it does the same as JTelmonc, but with a big advantage: it consumes nearly no memory and cpu time! You have to start

/path/to/ ip [port] [phonebookfile] [-areacodes areacodefile]

with your (KDE|Gnome|whatever WM you use) or (on Windows) put a link like this into your Autostart folder and it will pop up a message every time an incoming call is detected.

If you have the number in your phonebook, it will show the name, and if not, it shows the area code, the town name and the number (e.g. 0511 (Hannover) - 1234567) and gives you the possibility to add the number to your phonebook. If you are not in Germany, look at to download other area code files (you may have to edit them to meet the script's expectations, contact me if you have questions).

There are also binary distributions (Linux and Win32) that require no installed Perl and all modules are included. You only have to provide a GTK2 Runtime.

Please look at the README.txt that is included in each package!

(Perl script 60 kB / Win32 standalone binary 2,3 MB / Linux-ELF standalone binary 2 MB)