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Nextcloud client updates

On Debian systems, I normally use the AppImage package of the Nextcloud client. But unlike native packages, updating it is cumbersome: download the new binary from Nextcloud's web site, move it to the destination directory and update the symlink (which I use on startup). And sometimes the Nextcloud client announces an update which isn't even linked on yet, so I have to switch to Github manually...

Not anymore! I have put together a script for all of that. Simply put it into the directory with the client binaries and the symlink and enjoy the simplicity. :)

set -e
DIR=$(readlink -f $(dirname "$0"))
JSON=$(curl -s | jq '.assets[] | select(.name | match(".*AppImage$"))')
URL=$(echo "$JSON" | jq -r '.url')
NAME=$(echo "$JSON" | jq -r '.name')
curl -L -H "Accept: application/octet-stream" "$URL" >"$DIR/$NAME"
chmod a+x "$DIR/$NAME"
rm -f "$DIR/current.AppImage"
ln -s "$DIR/$NAME" "$DIR/current.AppImage"